Mobile Marketing is King

I am sure that you have heard the expression, “Being in the right place at the right time?” Right now, you are in the right place at the right time. I will explain. Remember the dot com era? What if you knew the importance of investing in an internet business before the bubble burst? I am positive that you are aware that there were people who not only made money, but there were those who became super wealthy because they recognized this trend before everyone else. I am comfortable in saying that you were not one of them. If that is true, I will now advise you to not allow history to repeat itself.If you are unaware, Mobile Marketing is King. There are far too many people who are still putting all of their eggs in one basket with internet marketing. Do not misunderstand me. You can still make a great income with internet marketing. However, if you want to become wealthy, and never work for anyone again, you should be focusing a great deal of your time and energy into mobile marketing.It is obvious that many people are shopping online. Many businesses have made it easy to get online from virtually anywhere via wifi. However, most people do not take their laptops everywhere they go. Now, I will ask. What is the one thing that “You” never leave home without? You have guessed it! Your cell phone! If you realize this, do you not believe large corporations recognize this too? Of course they do! This is why mobile marketing is expected to surpass internet marketing.News Flash! Google acquired a mobile advertising network called Admob. As a matter of fact, Apple expressed interest in the exact same network! I will give you a little more food for thought. Apple followed up with a purchase of Quattro wireless, which is also a mobile advertising company. Knowing these two facts that I have just given you, what else does that tell you? I know exactly what it tells me! The concentrated interest in this market by Google, and Apple suggests that we will experience a huge expansion in the mobile advertising market.I cannot express enough, the importance of being ahead of the trends. Having a head start over the masses truly makes a difference. This difference can be between making a few bucks and making a fortune. Therefore, once again, I must say you are in the right place at the right time.